The Impact of Mentorship on Leadership Development Outcomes of International Students

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The purpose of this quantitative study of 6,076 undergraduates in the United States (3,038 international and 3,038 domestic) was to examine leadership development outcomes for international students in the United States and the potential role of mentorship in this process. Data for this study were derived from the 2009 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership. Two primary research questions guided this study: (a) Do differences in socially responsible leadership outcomes exist between domestic and international students? (b) How does mentorship contribute to socially responsible leadership development for international undergraduate students? Results of this study suggest a differential effect in which international students were not experiencing the same level of socially responsible leadership development outcomes relative to domestic peers. However, this difference appeared to be mediated with the presence of mentorship focused around personal development. As this type of mentorship increased for international students, they performed nearer and nearer to domestic students in terms of socially responsible leadership development.

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