Queer and of Color: A Systematic Literature Review on Queer Students of Color in Higher Education Scholarship

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Although the scholarship on queer students has started to increase in recent decades, a shortage of literature exists that examines the lives of collegians who identify as both queer and people of color. Queer students of color face increased marginalization as a result of their multiple oppressed identities, warranting further investigation by higher education scholars. This article presents a systematic literature review on studies centering queer collegians of color, synthesizing 68 pieces of scholarship in total. In addition to extracting common themes from the extant literature, this article also describes critical and poststructural theories that have been utilized by higher education researchers to understand the experiences of queer students of color including quare theory, intersectionality, and queer of color critique. Themes from this literature review showcase queer collegians of color and their experiences in coming out, finding sources of support, navigating campus environments, and encountering a lack of resources on campus. This article concludes with potential future directions for this line of inquiry, encouraging scholars to further engage in research alongside queer students of color.

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