Overview of Laser Therapy for Common Vascular Lesions

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Vascular irregularities, especially on the face, can be a source of great cosmetic concern and, as such, constitute a significant portion of complaints presenting to dermatology clinics. Vascular lasers are an important tool in the treatment of these presentations, either as the singular modality or as an adjunct to systemic therapies. Nurses and nurse practitioners play a crucial role in delivering vascular laser treatments, either independently or under physician supervision. It is therefore incumbent upon them to understand appropriate clinical assessment of the most common vascular issues and to have a firm grasp of the technical concepts that govern optimal treatment of each class of lesion. The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the anatomical composition of common vascular conditions, to outline the major technical concepts of how vascular lasers function, and to highlight how the laser nurse or nurse practitioner can integrate both clinical assessment and technical theory to effectively plan and/or execute a course of vascular laser treatment.

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