Matson Evaluation of Drug Side-effects (MEDS) Profiles in Adults with Intellectual Disability, Tardive Dyskinesia, and Akathisia

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Drug side effect profiles of 161 intellectually disabled inpatient adults were assessed with the Matson Evaluation of Drug Side Effects (MEDS). Based on diagnoses made by a board certified psychiatrist and a neurologist specializing in movement disorders, participants were divided into three groups: controls (no movement disorder), tardive dyskinesia (TD), and a group with tardive dyskinesia/akathisia (TD Akathisia). Significant differences in side effects were noted between all three groups with the most severe side effects occurring in the TD Akathisia group. Group differences between the TD and TD Akathisia groups were most pronounced on CNS-Parkinsonism/Dyskinesia, CNS-Behavioral Akathisia, and CNS-Dystonia subscales, with the latter side effect group experiencing the greatest side effects. Implications of these data are discussed and future research is suggested.

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