Dermabrasion by Diamond Fraises Revolving at 85,000 Revolutions per Minute

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Use of a high-speed, air-driven turbo-grinder equipped with diamond fraises that revolve at 85,000 revolutions per minute has improved results in dermabrasions on the face by, it is estimated, 50%. Dermabrasions have been done with this turbo-grinder for scarring from acne, actinic damage, syringomata, lesions of adenoma sebaceum and some other facial conditions. The rapid evaporation, noninflammability, nonnarcotic, and excellent freezing properties of Freon 12® eliminate the necessity for auxiliary cooling fans. It is thought too that the incidence of secondary infections and keloids have been decreased by use of an ointment of erythromycin (1%) topically during the healing period.

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