A Comparison of Copper Vapor and Flashlamp Pumped Dye Lasers in the Treatment of Facial Telangiectasia

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Twelve adult patients with bilateral facial telangiectasias were treated with two yellow light lasers. A section of each involved area was treated with a copper vapor laser and a similar section in the same patient was treated with the flashlamp pumped dye laser.


Both lasers provided satisfactory clearance at 2 and 6 weeks. Treatment was not painless with either laser; however, no patient needed local or general anesthesia. The time taken to treat equivalent areas was similar for both lasers. Postoperative swelling was greater with the flashlamp pumped dye laser than with the copper vapor laser and the time required for healing was longer with the flashlamp pumped dye laser.


The larger purpuric macules produced postoperatively by the flashlamp pumped dye laser were less cosmetically acceptable to patients when compared with the thin linear crusting produced by the copper vapor laser. Scarring or textural changes were not seen with either laser.

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