Primary Reconstruction of Congenital Facial Lesion Defects with Tissue Expansion

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Congenital facial lesions may require surgical intervention to correct deformity or to decrease the potential for malignant degeneration.


Hemangiomata and melanocytic and sebaceous nevi are among the most common congenital facial defects. The techniques and outcome of serial tissue expansion in the management of facial lesions were evaluated.


Seven pediatric patients had congenital facial defects treated with tissue expansion and subsequent excision and reconstruction.


All patients had a satisfactory outcome. Complications are reviewed, and in this patient population were minor.


Tissue expansion has a role in surgical management of congenital facial lesions. Staged excision, skin grafting and nonintervention are also options which must be individualized to the case at hand. J Dermatol Surg Oncol 1993;19:1110-1116.

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