Copper Vapor Laser and Microsclerotherapy of Facial Telangiectases: A Patient Questionnaire

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Facial telangiectasia due to photodamage is a common disfiguring condition in modern society. Over the past 10 years yellow light laser photocoagulation has become the treatment of choice,


To compare the effectiveness of copper vapor laser alone with combined microsclerotherapy and copper vapor laser in the treatment of facial telangiectases,


Two hundred thirty-nine consecutive patients were asked to complete a questionnaire evaluating the two different treatments; 180 (75%) patients responded,


Both treatments were found to be effective but patients who received the combined treatment gave significantly higher ratings in effectiveness and overall satisfaction. There was also non-significant reduction in the incidence of adverse effects reported by patients treated by the combined method,


Supplementary microsclerotherapy enhances the effectiveness of copper vapor laser photocoagulation of facial telangiectases,

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