Analysis of “Randomized Cross-Over Study Comparing Two Infusion Sets for CSII in Daily Life”

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In an article in Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Freckmann et al report an evaluation of 2 infusion sets used for CSII in daily life, both from Roche. Because the 2 catheters differed at the soft cannula level in terms of geometry and introducer needle, focus was made on pain at insertion. While no significant difference was noted on this primary endpoint, unplanned catheter changes occurred in close to 20% of cases also with both catheter models, mainly driven by apparent insulin delivery issues. Since kinked cannulas were not frequent, there is a clear need for better understanding of “unexplained hyperglycemia” as the main reason for reduction of catheter lifetime. Fixing this weak aspect of CSII becomes crucial while moving toward closed-loop insulin delivery.

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