Novel Concentrated Insulin Delivery Devices: Developments for Safe and Simple Dose Conversions

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To aid the burden of large dosing volumes, concentrated insulin products have been available in some form since the 1950s, albeit requiring significant and cumbersome detail in prescribing, converting doses from other products, and educating patients on how to administer. In 2015 and 2016, new concentrated products have been introduced that are available exclusively in pen devices that perform the conversion automatically, and thus, help to bypass the necessity for confusing calculations or administration. Providers and patients accustomed to traditional methods must recognize the differences and utility of these products to avoid dosing errors, as there are major differences in dosing procedures as well as their role in clinical practice. For example, the novel concentrated insulins (aside from U-500 products) are not solely indicated for severe insulin resistance. Use of novel agents may decrease the number of injections required, decrease complexity for patients and providers, reduce errors, and avoid conversion calculations. It is imperative that clinicians appreciate the nuances among the agents to choose an insulin product that is appropriate and fits a patient’s needs and preferences.

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