Acne treatment in the field: how guidelines and other sources can be included in daily practice

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Acne is a complex disease ranging from mild to very severe. Quality of life can be considerably affected although the impact on the quality of life does not necessarily correlate with the severity of the disease.


To show how good external evidence can be used in individual treatment decisions.


Description of four typical case secenarios usining the recommendation of the recent evidence based guidelines and other sources.


The four quite typical patients presented here (i) a young boy with comedonal acne; (ii) a young black girl with papulopustular acne; (iii) an older boy with conglobate acne; and (iv) a young women with postadolescent papulopustular acne give a range of the possible challenges a dermatologist may face.


How can the best treatment be selected for our patients? By keeping a clear mind, using the available best evidence and taking of course into account individual factors.

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