Factors influencing patient satisfaction: assessment in outpatients in dermatology department

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Improving patient satisfaction may lead to better adherence with treatment and consequently to better clinical outcomes for skin diseases.


The aim of this study was to determine factors influencing patient satisfaction in consultations with dermatologists.


All patients presenting to the secretariat for a medical consultation received a one-page anonymous questionnaire to fill at the end of the consultation.


Two hundred forty-seven questionnaires were completed. Mean age of the population was 43.6 years with 58.4% of women and 41.6% of men in the sample. Patients were generally satisfied with their consultation (77.1%). Patient age was signifcantly related to overall satisfaction (P < 0.01), with greater satisfaction among patients aged 50 years and older. The factors that infuence overall satisfaction the most were quality of life, physician's concerning, interest in the medical problem and attention given to symptoms. Performance of a full-body skin examination, use of dermatoscopy, performance of a skin biopsy and comfort of the waiting room were additional factors contributing to satisfaction among patients 50 years and older.


Interpersonal skills of dermatologists and attention to the quality of life are important factors in outpatient satisfaction.

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