EMSA Eritin Drives Expansion of Regulatory T Cells and Promotes T Cells Differentiation in Irradiated Mice

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Sublethal irradiation therapy in cancer treatment causes generalized immunosuppression, which results in a range of DNA damage. We examined the significance of a polyherbal medicine called “EMSA Eritin” on immunological responses in sublethally irradiated mice focusing on the involvement of Treg, naïve T cell, and also the development and differentiation of T cells in thymus. Normal BALB/c mice were sublethally irradiated with dose of 600 rad. The irradiated mice were then orally administered by EMSA Eritin once a day at different doses: 1.04, 3.12, 9.37 mg/g body weight. The treatment was performed for 14 days. On day 15, immunological responses were observed by analyzing the status of Treg and differentiation of T cells in thymus. The administration of EMSA Eritin to irradiated mice resulted in a significant increase of pre T cells, Treg cells, and naïve T cells, which in general could maintain and normalize healthy condition in mice.

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