Effect and Mechanism of: An Experimental StudyVirechana Karma: An Experimental Study(Therapeutic Purgation) Over Fructose-Induced Metabolic Syndrome: An Experimental Study

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Panchakarma (biopurification methods) is one of the modes of ayurveda to treat disorders of the body. Virechana karma (therapeutic purgation), one among the Panchakarma, is a purification process that is commonly used to treat metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes mellitus. Hence this study was planned to provide evidence through animal experiments.


Albino rats were subject to Virechana karma (therapeutic purgation) to evaluate the influence of therapy and its mechanism over fructose-induced metabolic syndrome.


Results show that Virechana is effective in the management of the metabolic syndrome with decrease in the fecal fat content, fasting blood glucose, serum triglyceride, and reduced fatty changes in liver, heart, and kidney in comparison with the positive control group.


Experimental evaluation showed decrease in fatty acid in the storage like liver, kidney, heart, and muscle adipose tissue can indirectly increase the insulin sensitivity in insulin receptor present at skeletal muscles.

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