Physiopathology of Dementia in Iranian Traditional Medicine

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Recently, an article published in this journal by Dr Seifaddini and colleagues. In that article, the authors tried to connect dementia, including Alzheimer's disease, with a condition mentioned in Iranian traditional medical condition, Raoonat and Homgh. In this condition, intellectual functions of the brain are disturbed and therefore, learning and decision-making abilities are damaged. This condition is not age limited and affects thinking ability but not memory. On the other hand, there is a condition described in Iranian traditional medicine, which completely matches with Alzheimer's disease. This condition is explained under the title of Nesyan (forgetfulness). Nesyan has 5 subdivisions, one of which is caused by the inclination of the brain normal temperament to more coldness and dryness. By performing animal studies, we have recently shown that this kind of Nesyan is related with Alzheimer's disease. Studies on the traditional recommendations on treatment of this kind of Nesyan can be useful in treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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