Oral Bone Loss May Be Influenced by Infection and Osteoporosis

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Subjects included 1256 postmenopausal women with at least 6 teeth present and no signs of other bone disease.

Key Risk/Study Factor

Osteoporosis and oral infection in postmenopausal women.

Main Outcome Measure

Evaluation of the association of osteoporosis, oral bacteria, and alveolar crest height.

Main Results

The authors evaluated associations between bone density and alveolar crestal height and clinical oral bone loss after adjustment for age, smoking status, hormone therapy, and calcium and vitamin D supplementation. Infection by Tannerella forsythensis was not a cofounder of the association between systemic bone density and alveolar crestal height.

Main Results

Postmenopausal women had worse oral bone loss in general, but neither bone density nor oral infection was significantly associated with mean alveolar bone height.


The authors found a significant interaction between systemic bone density and age and concluded that systemic bone density and oral infection independently influenced oral bone loss in postmenopausal women younger than 70 years.

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