Essential Oil Mouthwash (EOMW) may be Equivalent to Chlorhexidine (CHX) for Long-Term Control of Gingival Inflammation but CHX Appears to Perform Better Than EOMW in Plaque Control

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Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Essential oils compared to chlorhexidine with respect to plaque and parameters of gingival inflammation: a systematic review.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Van Leeuwen MPC, Slot DE, Van der Weijden GA.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

J Periodontol 2011 Feb;82(2):174–94. Epub 2010 Nov 2.


Anthony L. Neely, DDS, MDentSc, PhD


To determine whether essential oil mouthwash is comparable to chlorhexidine gluconate with respect to reducing plaque and gingival inflammation and promoting calculus accumulation and extrinsic staining

Source of Funding

Some support came from the Academic Center for Dentistry Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam

Type of Study Design

Systematic review with meta-analysis of data

Level of Evidence

Level 1: Good-quality, patient-oriented evidence

Strength of Recommendation Grade

Grade B: Inconsistent or limited-quality patient-oriented evidence

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