Dental Therapists Might Not Have a Strong Impact on Overall Caries Incidence, but They May Be More Effective Than Dentists in Terms of Reducing the Level of Untreated Caries

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Article Title and Bibliographic Information

A systematic review of oral health outcomes produced by dental teams incorporating midlevel providers.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Wright JT, Graham F, Hayes C, Ismail AI, Noraian KW, Weyant RJ, Tracy SL, Hanson NB, Frantsve-Hawley J.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

J Am Dent Assoc 2013;144(1):75-91.


Elizabeth Phillips, PhD, H. Luke Shaefer, PhD


In populations where midlevel providers conduct irreversible procedures, is there a change in disease increment, untreated dental disease, or cost-effectiveness of dental care?

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None reported

Type of Study/Design

Systematic review

Level of Evidence

Level 2: Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidence

Strength of Recommendation Grade

Grade B: Inconsistent or limited quality patient-oriented evidence

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