Periodontitis May Be Associated With Chronic Kidney Disease, but Current Evidence Is Insufficient

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Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Periodontitis and chronic kidney disease: a systematic review of the association of diseases and the effect of periodontal treatment on estimated glomerular filtration rate.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Chambrone L, Foz AM, Guglielmetti RM, Pannuti CM, Artese HP, Feres M, Romito GA.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

J Clin Periodontol 2013;40(5):443-56.


Wenche S. Borgnakke, DDS, MPH, PhD


The authors conducted systematic reviews to try to answer the following two questions: Q1) Is periodontitis a risk factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD)? and Q2) Can periodontal treatment improve the estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) of patients with periodontitis?

Source of Funding

No external support was received

Type of Study/Design

Q1) Systematic review with meta-analysis of data; Q2) Systematic review

Level of Evidence

Level 2: Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidence

Strength of Recommendation Grade

Grade C: Consensus, disease-oriented evidence, usual practice, expert opinion, or case series for studies of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or screening

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