Salivary Proteins May Be Useful for Determining Caries Susceptibility

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Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Salivary proteins as a biomarker for dental caries-A systematic review.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Martins C, Buczynski AK, Maia LC, Siqueira WL, Castro GF.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

J Dent 2013; 41(1): 2-8.


Martin Levine, BDS, BSc, PhD


What is the evidence for an association between individual salivary protein composition or content and dental caries experience?

Source of Funding

Canadian Government Institutes of Health Research

Type of Study/Design

Systematic review

Level of Evidence

Level 2: Limited-quality, patient-oriented evidence

Strength of Recommendation Grade

Grade B: Inconsistent or limited-quality patient-oriented evidence

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