The Combined Use of Chlorhexidine and Fluoride Therapy Can Reduce the Risk for Dental Caries

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Article Title and Bibliographic Information

A randomized clinical trial of anticaries therapies targeted according to risk assessment (caries management by risk assessment).

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Featherstone JDB, White JM, Hoover CI, Rapozo-Hilo M, Weintraub JA, Wilson RS, Zhan L, Gansky SA.

Article Title and Bibliographic Information

Caries Res 2012;46(2):118-29.


Marcelle M. Nascimento, DDS, MS, PhD


The study sought to determine whether the use of preventive and restorative therapies based on individual caries risk for 2 years could reduce caries increment compared to traditional dental care provided at the University of California, San Francisco School of Dentistry (UCSF)

Source of Funding

The main research support was provided by NIH/NIDCR and the oral products used in the study were provided by Proctor and Gamble, Omnii Oral Pharmaceuticals and Oral B

Type of Study/Design

Randomized controlled trial

Level of Evidence

Level 1: Good-quality, patient-oriented evidence

Strength of Recommendation Grade

Not applicable

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