Effects of Fractions 1–10 kDa from Brain of the Black Bear Ursus arctos on Rats and Mice

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There were studied effects of administration into brain ventricle of Wistar rats of the 1–10 kDa fractions (BAF) isolated from the brain of the black bear Ursus arctos caught in winter at exit from the den after the provoked awakening. Injection of BAF at a doze of 0.1 mg decreased motor activity and produced a sleep-like state of rats. Phases of the slow-wave EEG activity, with an enhancement of δ- and suppression of α- and β-frequencies, alternated with θ-rhythm periods. An intranasal BAF injection to white breedless mice previously cooled to 17–19°C under conditions of hypoxia-hypercapnia decelerated the exit of the mice from the hypothermia state.

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