On the Content of Protein and Nucleic Acids in Organs of Chick Embryos of Different Age

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In 10-, 14-and 18-days-old chick embryos, concentrations of total protein and nucleic acids (NA) were measured using spectrophotometry in liver, brain, red gastrocnemial and white pectoral muscles and in chorioallantois. It was shown that the initial protein and NA concentration was the highest in liver and decreased markedly in the above-mentioned organs. At the second half of embryogenesis, concentration of organ protein increased 4 times in muscles, 2 times in brain, and 1.4 times in liver. This indicates a rise of cell density in the organs or of the intracellular protein concentration. The protein/NA ratio reflecting the cell size or concentration of their protein practically did not change in liver, but increased 2.3 and 2.5 times in pectoral and gastrocnemial muscles, respectively, and 2 times in brain. In chorioallantois the maximal protein concentration was observed in then 14-day old embryos, with the protein/NA ratio remaining practically unchanged.

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