Data in Favor of Possible Olfactory Function of the Antennal Nerve and Lateral Lobe of Protocerebrum of Larva of the Dragonfly Aeschna grandis

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Using staining with methylene blue of larvae of dragonflies of the genus Aeschna sp. (2000 animals) the antennal nerve was shown to be connected with the lateral lobe of protocerebrum with a septum, through which sensory fibers enter the lobe. Near the lateral lobe of the antennal nerve, two enlargements are found, which contain motor neurons of antennal muscle as well as the incoming sensory fibers of antennal receptors and descending lateral bundles of fibers of lobes of mushroom bodies. In the lateral lobe of protocerebrum there is revealed arborization of neurons with terminal apparatuses similar to endings of the descending neuron of the glomerular antennal tract of the domestic fly.

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