Recovery of instrumental conditioned reflexes in rats after pyramidotomy and action of bacterial melanin

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Unilateral pyramidotomy at the bulbar level performed after preliminary elaboration of instrumental conditioned reflex (ICR) and without its elaboration caused hemiparesis of extremities in rats. Next day after this operation a half of the operated animals both with elaborated ICE and without its elaboration was injected intramuscularly with bacterial melanin solution (170 mg/kg). Comparison of terms of recovery of ICR and of a balancing movement of the paralyzed hindlimb in the operated rats without administration of melanin and with its injection showed that in the “melanin” animals the time of posttraumatic rehabilitation was much shorter and recovery of movement occurred faster and more completely. It has been found that the difference in terms of recovery of rat motor functions in this case is due to the protective action of bacterial melanin.

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