Combinations of active striatal neurons connected selectively with certain behavioral actions of the monkey Macaca mulatta

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At present there is widely spread concept of populational coding of information by brain neurons; it is based first of all on results of comparison of neuronal activity with parameters of the used stimulus. Relation between the neuronal activity coding and the observed behavioral actions has been practically not studied. In the present work, neuronal impulse activity has been studied in groups of 6 neurons recorded in parallel. Distribution of frequencies of the presence of cases of excitation of one or several cells has been established to differ statistically significantly from the theoretical distribution of the same values; this indicates that under real conditions, the appearance of individual combinations of active neurons is not random, but is connected to a certain degree with conditions of experiment. The selective combinations of neuronal activity have been revealed to be different at stages of program. This indicates that organization of different behavioral actions is associated with activities of certain combinations of neurons.

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