Comparative Study of Catalytic Properties of Mink and Rat Liver Monoamine Oxidase

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Comparative substrate-inhibitor analysis of catalytic properties of mitochondrial monoamine oxidase (MAO) of liver of the American mink Mustela vison Schreber and of liver of Wistar rat has been performed. It has been found that MAO of mink, like MAO of rat, has properties of classic mammalian MAO: it deaminates tyramine, tryptamine, serotonin, benzylamine, β-phenylethylamine and does not deaminate histamine as well as does not have sensitivity to semicarbazide. Study of kinetics of the monoamine oxidase deamination revealed both qualitative and quantitative differences between these enzymes. Specificity of action on MAO-A form of four irreversible inhibitors—acridine derivatives—has been shown; this specificity was several times higher for the mink liver MAO than for the rat liver MAO. It is suggested that the liver MAO of both species of the studied animals has several isoenzyme forms or several centers of the substrate binding.

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