Knowledge, attitude, and practice of osteoporosis among Saudis: a community-based study

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Osteoporosis is a global public health problem currently affecting millions of people worldwide, and Saudi Arabia is not an exception. Awareness and perceptions of susceptibility and belief in the seriousness of a disease can help in its prevention and control. We aimed to assess knowledge, attitude, and practices for osteoporosis among Saudi general population and to identify its determining factors.


A cross-sectional survey of people aged 18 years or older representing every region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was carried out. A total of 2174 self-administered questionnaires were distributed to identify the levels of knowledge, attitude, and practice.


Responses were obtained from 1830 individuals (42% female and 58% male). The majority of the study sample had heard about osteoporosis (78%). There were significant associations between the level of awareness and the following sociodemographics of the participants: age, sex, education, occupation, income, and residence (P<0.01). Regular practice of the main preventive behaviors was correlated with an increase in the level of awareness.

Conclusion and recommendations

The majority of the study cohort had heard about osteoporosis. Female respondents were more knowledgeable. Age was negatively correlated with the level of awareness. Awareness levels and the main sociodemographic determinants were significantly associated. The study recommended that health authorities and physicians should have better involvement in patient education efforts to improve and maintain the information provided on osteoporosis.

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