Ferroelectric Properties of (Bi, Sm)4Ti3O12 (BST) Thin Films Fabricated by a Metalorganic Solution Deposition Method

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Ferroelectric properties of samarium substituted Bi4Ti3O12 films, Bi3.15Sm0.85Ti3O12 (BST), were evaluated for use as lead-free thin film ferroelectrics for FeRAM applications. The BST films were fabricated on the Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si(100) substrates by a metalorganic solution deposition method. The measured XRD patterns revealed that the BST films showed only a Bi4Ti3O12-type phase with a random orientation. The BST film capacitors showed excellent ferroelectric properties. For the film capacitor annealed at 700°C, 2Pr of 64.2 μC/cm2 and 2Ec of 101.7 kV/cm at applied electric field of 150 kV/cm were observed. The capacitor did not show any significant fatigue up to 1.5 × 108 read/write switching cycles at a frequency of 1 MHz, which suggests that the samarium should be considered for a promising lanthanide elements to make a good thin ferroelectric film for memory applications.

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