Scaling Effect on the Dielectric Constant in Ba(TixZr1−x)O3 Thin Films

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Recent work on PZT and BST thin films reveal a thickness dependence of the dielectric constant for a film thickness below 100 nm. This effect is commonly attributed to an interfacial layer between the electrode and the dielectric film (dead layer). In this contribution we report on the influence of the film thickness on the dielectric constant of Ba(TixZr1 − x)O3 thin films with different Zr-contents (x = 0–30 at.%). The films were prepared by chemical solution deposition (CSD) with thickness between 30 and 350 nm.

The electrical characterization was performed in a temperature range between 25 and 200°C. Results were interpreted with respect to the formation of a serial dead layer capacitance.

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