Ceramics Materials Based on (Ba, Sr)TiO3 Solid Solutions for Tunable Microwave Devices

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Structure and electrical properties at radio frequencies as well as within the 3.5–35 GHz frequency range have been investigated for ceramic samples of the (1−y)(BaxSr1 − x)TiO3 · yMgO (BSM) system where x = 0.4–0.6; y = 0.15–0.30. For the compositions studied the bulk ferroelectrics were synthesized with the dielectric constant of 400–600 and high tunability coefficient. We indicated that the quality factor of the samples was in the range of 100–1000 within the frequency band of 3.5–35 GHz. The phase correlations and unit cell constants of the perovskite phase of the BSM samples were studied. The low loss factor and high tunability of the bulk material allowed us using the BSM ferroelectric ceramic layer for tunable accelerating structures of the Argonne Dielectric Wakefield Accelerator and for high power switches design and development for the future linear colliders.

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