Microstructural Control of BaTiO3 Thick Film Fabricated by Utilizing Slide-Off Transfer Printing

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Effects of fabrication conditions on the microstructure of thick BaTiO3 films have been investigated by employing slide-off transfer printing technique. Formation of dense films with good adhesive properties was difficult when screen-printing was employed in preparing the slide-off transfer sheets (BaTiO3 green films), irrespective of the kind of solvents used for the slurries. On the other hand, relatively dense films could be fabricated from the slide-off transfer sheet prepared by spin-coating of the slurries consisting of fine BaTiO3 powder (particle size: ca. 0.1 μm), printing oil, and 2-propanol, though cracks formed obviously. Co-addition of large BaTiO3 particles (particle size: ca. 0.5 μm) was very effective for reducing the formation of cracks, and homogenous and dense films could be fabricated by controlling the additive amount of the large particles.

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