Electrical Properties of Acceptor Doped BaTiO3

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Electrical properties of acceptor (Mn, Mg or Mn+Mg)-doped BaTiO3 ceramic have been studied in terms of oxygen vacancy concentration, various doping levels and electrical degradation behaviors. The solubility limit of Mn on Ti sites was confirmed to be close to or less than 1.0 mol%. Oxygen vacancy concentration of Ba(Ti0.995−xMg0.005Mnx)O2.995−y (x = 0, 0.005, 0.01) was estimated to be ∼ 50 times greater than that of the un-doped BaTiO3. The leakage current of 0.5 mol% Mn-doped BaTiO3 was stable with time, which was much lower than that of the un-doped BaTiO3. The BaTiO3 specimen co-doped with 0.5 mol% Mg and 1.0 mol% Mn showed the lowest leakage current below 10−10A. It was confirmed that leakage currents of Mg-doped and un-doped BaTiO3 under dc field are effectively suppressed by Mn co-doping as long as the Mn doping level is greater than Mg contents.

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