Circuit and Latch Capable of Masking Soft Errors with Schmitt Trigger

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In VLSIs, soft errors resulting from radiation-induced transient pulses frequently occur. In recent high-density and low-power VLSIs, the operation of systems is seriously affected by not only soft errors occurring on memory systems and the latches of logic circuits but also those occurring on the combinational parts of logic circuits. The existing tolerant methods for soft errors on the combinational parts do not provide enough high tolerant capability with small performance penalty. This paper proposes a class of soft error masking circuits by using a Schmitt trigger circuit and a pass transistor. The paper also presents a construction of soft error masking latches (SEM-latches) capable of masking transient pulses occurring on combinational circuits. Moreover, simulation results show that the proposed method has higher soft error tolerant capability than the existing methods. For supply voltage VDD′=′3.3 V, the proposed method is capable of masking transient pulses of magnitude 4.0 V or less.

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