Influence of Instrument Size on the Accuracy of Different Apex Locators: An In Vitro Study

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The aim of this in vitro investigation was to determine the accuracy of 4 different electronic apex locators (EALs) with 3 different instrument sizes. For this study 146 roots were embedded in an agar solution. Electronic measurements were made to the physiologic foramen (apical constriction) with the Elements Apex Locator, Justy II, Raypex 5, and ProPex II and K-type files sizes 08, 10, and 15. Statistical significances were calculated with the sign test (P < .001). Exact measurements to the physiologic foramen were made with the Elements Apex Locator, 36.99%, 39.04%, and 44.93%; Justy II, 38.62%, 32.41%, and 43.41%; Raypex 5, 42.76%, 39.31%, and 39.06%; and ProPex II, 38.62%, 43.45%, and 40.63% of the time with instrument sizes 08, 10, and 15, respectively. No significant differences were found between the actual working length and EALs/instrument size. A nonsignificant higher number of unstable measurements were observed in all EALs with instrument size 15.

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