Particle Size and Shape Analysis of MTA Finer Fractions Using Portland Cement

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The aim of this study was to observe particle length, width, perimeter, and aspect ratio of mineral trioxide aggregate finer fractions using Portland cement. The High Power Field mode of the flow particle image analyzer was used for analysis. Images of particle samples were automatically collected by the analyzer along with analysis parameters. Mean, standard deviation, and the number of particles were calculated in each group. Parameters of length, width, and perimeter did not show a statistical significance when groups were compared. Examining the parameter of aspect ratio, there was evidence of a statistical significance seen (p<0.05). The cumulative percentage of particles that were between 0.5 and 3 μm in size was 88%. Fine particles may penetrate dentin tubules. The average aspect ratio was 0.744 (SD=0.155). It can be speculated that a dentin tubule occlusion pattern is dependent on the aspect ratio.

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