Implications of Endodontic-related Sinus Aspergillosis in a Patient Treated by Infliximab: A Case Report

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Sinus aspergillosis is a potential complication after root canal therapy of antral teeth. Indeed, zinc oxide–eugenol cement overfilling in the sinus may promote fungal infection. Moreover, if sinus aspergillosis triggers chronic sinusitis with aspergilloma, it may also lead to invasive phenomena, especially for immunocompromised patients.


We reported a sinus aspergillosis case of a patient treated with infliximab (Remicade; Janssen Biologics BV, Leiden, Netherlands). The purpose of this article was to explore the mechanisms of this pathosis, especially the impact of the root canal sealer overextension, which is a contributing factor for fungal infection. The surgical management and the follow-up are also described.


Six months after surgery, the patient showed no clinical signs and presented with a healthy and airy right maxillary sinus on the computed tomography scan.


In conclusion, prevention and screening of aspergillosis of maxillary sinus may be considered before starting an anti–tumor necrosis factor alpha therapy.

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