Current Assessment of Reciprocation in Endodontic Preparation: A Comprehensive Review—Part II: Properties and Effectiveness

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Many reciprocating file systems (RFs) have recently been introduced. This article reviews the properties, effectiveness, and clinical outcomes of the RFs.


A PubMed electronic search was conducted by using appropriate key words to identify investigations on RFs. After retrieving the full-text relevant articles, the cross citations were also identified.


This review summarizes the mechanical properties, shaping ability, preservation of the root canal anatomy, shaping time, cleaning effectiveness, microcrack formation, bacterial reduction, extrusion of debris, and removal of root canal filling materials of RFs.


The favorable results of RFs indicate their potential application as viable alternatives to rotary file systems, yet no filing system is able to entirely prepare the dentin of canals, totally eliminate sessile and planktonic microorganisms, or remove the filling material completely from the root canal system.

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