Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes in Immature Permanent Necrotic Evaginated Teeth Treated with Regenerative Endodontic Procedures

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Regenerative endodontics is a promising alternative treatment for immature permanent teeth with necrotic dental pulp. The present study assessed the time to resolution of clinical symptoms and radiographic changes in root dimensions in immature permanent necrotic teeth with dens evaginatus.


In this prospective study, clinical and radiographic data were collected for 20 teeth with dens evaginatus treated with a revascularization protocol for 1 year. Tooth survival and success rate were analyzed, and radiographic changes in the radiographic root area, apical diameter, and root length were quantified.


All 20 treated teeth (100%) survived and met the clinical criteria for success throughout the study period. The within-case percent change in radiographic root area was 28.14% at 3 months and had increased to 97.58% at 12 months. The within-case percent change in apical diameter after 3 months was 21.40% and had increased to 72.90% by 12 months, with 40% (8 of 20) showing complete apical closure at 12 months. The within-case percent change in root length was 2.65% at 3 months and had increased to 23.37% at 12 months.


In this study, revascularization allowed the continued development of roots in teeth with necrotic pulp as well as excellent overall survival and success rates.

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