Collaborative Management of Combined Periodontal-endodontic Lesions with a Palatogingival Groove: A Case Series

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This article reports 3 representative cases of interdisciplinary management of a palatogingival groove in maxillary lateral incisors. The development, pathology, and effectiveness of management approaches in cases involving a combined periodontal-endodontic lesion with a palatogingival groove are discussed.


We describe 3 patients with a noncontributory medical history presenting with a chief complaint related to a maxillary incisor and diagnosed with a combined periodontal-endodontic lesion with a palatogingival groove at Seoul National University Dental Hospital, Seoul, Korea.


Palatogingival grooves were mostly associated with deep periodontal pockets connected to a periapical lesion. Optional collaborative treatments were performed according to the condition as follows: case 1, root canal treatment (RCT), open flap debridement, odontoplasty, and guided tissue regeneration; case 2, RCT, apicoectomy, open flap debridement, and odontoplasty; and case 3, RCT, crown restoration, root planning, and odontoplasty. After clinical examination and radiographic assessments, the periapical lesion and periodontal deep pocket were successfully resolved with periodontal-endodontic collaborative treatment involving both periodontal surgical procedures (cases 1 and 2) and a nonsurgical procedure (case 3).


Within the limitations of this study, these case reports show that accurate diagnosis of developmental anomalies and elimination of inflammatory irritants are key factors for favorable long-term outcomes.

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