Bioactive Molecule Delivery Systems for Dentin-pulp Tissue Engineering

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Regenerative endodontic procedures use bioactive molecules (BMs), which are active signaling molecules that initiate and maintain cell responses and interactions. When applied in a bolus form, they may undergo rapid diffusion and denaturation resulting in failure to induce the desired effects on target cells.


The controlled release of BMs from a biomaterial carrier is expected to enhance and accelerate functional tissue engineering during regenerative endodontic procedures. This narrative review presents a comprehensive review of different polymeric BM release strategies with relevance to dentin-pulp engineering.


Carrier systems designed to allow the preprogrammed release of BMs in a spatial- and temporal-controlled manner would aid in mimicking the natural wound healing process while overcoming some of the challenges faced in clinical translation of regenerative endodontic procedures.


Spatial- and temporal-controlled BM release systems have become an exciting option in dentin-pulp tissue engineering; nonetheless, further validation of this concept and knowledge is required for their potential clinical translation.

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