Telescopic Dental Needles versus Conventional Dental Needles: Comparison of Pain and Anxiety in Adult Dental Patients of Kerman University of Medical Sciences—A Randomized Clinical Trial

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IntroductionPain felt during dental injections is dependent on dental anxiety. Patients feel increased pain if anxiety in the treatment environment is high, and therefore it is important to reduce anxiety during treatment to reduce pain. The purpose of this study was to compare pain and anxiety levels experienced during injections using a newly invented telescopic-coated dental needle that covers the conventional needle and also has the capability of applying topical anesthesia through its unique design with the conventional dental injection needle.MethodsDental injection anxiety questionnaires were completed by 60 adult patients who were randomly assigned to either the telescopic (a newly invented telescopic-coated dental needle that covers the needles) or the conventional group. Patients also completed visual analog scales to rate their pain perception during injection, their overall experience, and their future anticipated anxiety. Wilcoxon, Mann-Whitney, and Student t tests were used for statistical analysis. Statistical significance was defined as P < .05.ResultsA total of 25 men and 35 women with an age range of 19–55 years (mean age of 38.7 ± 2.31 years) participated in this study. Pain levels reported during the injection using the telescopic-coated needle (4.13 ± 1.37) were significantly lower than those using the conventional needle (5.63 ± 1.57), with statistically significant differences between the 2 groups (P < .05). Patients experienced significantly lower overall postinjection anxiety (P < .05) and had more positive overall experience ratings with the telescopic-coated needles.ConclusionsA new telescopic-coated dental needle was superior to a conventional injection system in pain perception and in reducing postinjection dental anxiety.

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