Guided Endodontic Access of Calcified Anterior Teeth

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Pulp canal calcification is characterized by the deposition of calcified tissue along the canal walls. As a result, the root canal space can become partially or completely obliterated. Recently, “guided endodontics” has been reported as an alternative solution in cases of partial or completed canal obliteration. Although this technique can enhance minimally invasive access to the calcified canal, it has been shown that the incisal surfaces are often removed during the access of anterior teeth. This report describes 2 cases of guided endodontics using conventional palatal access in calcified anterior teeth and discusses the applicability of this approach in cases of pulp canal calcification with apical periodontitis and acute symptoms. The method demonstrated high reliability and permitted proper root canal disinfection expeditiously, without the unnecessary removal of enamel and dentin in the incisal surface.

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