Influence of Extraoral Apicoectomy on Revascularization of an Autotransplanted Tooth: A Case Report

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Autotransplantation is considered a standard procedure with a poorer prognosis for mature than for immature teeth. In this case report, the root tip of an almost fully developed tooth was resected during autotransplantation to fit into a deficient recipient site. As a positive side effect, the apical foramen was enlarged, with potential improvement of the probability of revascularization. Clinical and radiologic follow-up examinations up to 18 months indicated revascularization and uneventful periodontal regeneration and thus successful autotransplantation. This case supports the hypothesis that intraoperative apicoectomy can improve the prognosis for revascularization of mature autotransplanted teeth. Further prospective controlled clinical studies are needed to confirm this innovative surgical approach.

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