Combination of Chimneys and Fenestrated Endografts in the Treatment of Complex Aortic Aneurysms

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Purpose: To present early results of fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair (FEVAR) combined with chimney grafts in a high-volume center. Methods: From July 2011 to July 2016, 45 patients (mean age 73.0±8.8 years; 39 men) with complex aneurysms who were poor candidates for open repair and anatomically ineligible for standard or custom-made FEVAR were treated with chimney FEVAR (chFEVAR). Eight (18%) cases were treated in emergency. In all, 130 target vessels (2.9/patient) were addressed using 21 scallops, 42 open/18 covered chimneys, and 27 custom-made/22 homemade fenestrations. Results: Successful aneurysm exclusion, successful reconstruction, and technical success rates were 97.8% (44/45), 98.2% (107/109 vessels excluding the scallops), and 93.3% (42/45). Six (13.3%) patients died within 30 days (5 in hospital). Estimated overall survival, freedom from aneurysm-related death, and freedom from aneurysm-related reintervention were 85.9%, 88.5%, and 59.2%, respectively, at 12 months. The target vessel patency rate was 96.0%. At latest follow-up, 1 type Ia and 3 type II endoleaks were present. Sac shrinkage occurred in 18 (54%) patients. Conclusion: Combined chFEVAR showed good technical feasibility and could be an effective approach in emergent settings and highly selective cases when FEVAR is not feasible. Thirty-day mortality, target vessel patency, and type Ia endoleak rates were acceptable.

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