Use of the Nellix Endovascular Aneurysm Sealing System in Combination With Parallel Grafts for the Treatment of a Symptomatic Type V Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm

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Purpose: To report endovascular treatment of a symptomatic type V thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysm (TAAA) using the combined techniques of endovascular aneurysm sealing and parallel stent-grafts. Case Report: A 70-year-old man was referred with a symptomatic type V TAAA. The Nellix EndoVascular Aneurysm Sealing (EVAS) System was used in combination with 2 chimney grafts for the celiac artery (CA) and the superior mesenteric artery (SMA); one periscope graft perfused the right renal artery. Completion angiography showed exclusion of the aneurysm and patency of all 3 parallel grafts but occlusion of the left renal artery (LRA) due to unintentional coverage of its ostium by the Nellix endobags. Antegrade catheterization of the LRA failed, requiring implantation of an aortorenal vein bypass. The postoperative course was complicated by acute kidney injury. Imaging at 6 months showed sustained exclusion of the aneurysm, patency of the CA and SMA parallel grafts and left aortorenal bypass but occlusion of the right renal artery periscope graft. Serum creatinine at 6 months was 1.5 mg/dL. Conclusion: The combination of EVAS with parallel grafts for preservation of the visceral vessels may be a feasible technique to treat selected TAAAs in the acute setting when other options are not applicable.

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