Needlestick and Sharp Object Injuries Among Health Care Workers in Hamadan Province, Iran

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Exposure to septic fluids through mucus and needlestick injuries is of great concern among health care workers (HCWs). The purpose of this study was to acquire epidemiological data, including occupation, level of education, and mode of exposure, in HCWs.


The data on this group was gathered during 6 months and analyzed using SPSS version 16.


In this study, we detected 89 cases of needlestick injuries and exposure to septic body fluids in the health care centers. Nurses were the most exposed group (39.3%). The most exposed age group was 25-34 years (51.6%). Of those injured, 51.7% were evaluated for antibody titration after vaccination, and of them, 47.2% had titration above 10 mIU/mL and the remaining had titration below 10 mIU/mL.


Numerous educational programs on care are still necessary to inform active workers in the health system about the warning trends and consequences in this part of Iran.

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