Erratum to Anisman, deCatanzaro, and Remington

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Reports an error in the article entitled “Escape Performance Following Exposure to Inescapable Shock: Deficits in Motor Response Maintenance” by Hymie Anisman, Denys deCatanzaro, and Gary Remington (Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Behavior Processes, 1978[Jul], Vol. 4[3], pp. 197-218). The second and third sentences of the Procedure section of Experiment 12 (third paragraph on page 214) are corrected. (The following abstract of this article originally appeared in record 1980-27216-001.) 13 experiments employing 607 Swiss-Webster mice investigated shock-elicited activity in a circular field and escape performance in a shuttlebox following exposure to either escapable or inescapable shock. Upon shock inception in the circular field, Ss exhibited a 2-3 sec period of constant or increasing motor excitation followed by a decline in motor activity toward or below preshock levels. Prior exposure to inescapable shock decreased the magnitude of initial excitation and increased the rate at which locomotor excitation declined. Inescapable shock did not detectably affect escape performance if escape was possible immediately upon shock onset. If escape was briefly delayed 4-6 sec until the time at which a marked decline in the shock-elicited excitation would be expected, marked deficits of escape performance were seen. Treatments that attenuated the reduction in activity produced by inescapable shock (e.g., shock interruption during test) mitigated the escape deficits. It was demonstrated that duration and intensity of inescapable shock influence later escape behavior in a manner that is highly correlated with the motor changes induced by the treatments seen in the circular field. It is concluded that the escape interference induced by inescapable shock may be interpreted in terms of a decreased tendency for shock to sustain vigorous motor activity for protracted periods. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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