Perceived Orientation of Axis of Rotation in Structure-From-Motion

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Perceived orientation of axis of rotation and accuracy in discriminating fixed-axis from nonfixed-axis rotations were investigated for orthographic projections of three-dimensional rotating objects. The principal findings were (a) the slant of the axis of rotation was systematically misperceived; (b) in both two-view and multiview displays, the perceived slant of the axis of rotation was well-predicted by the ratio between the deformation (a property of the first-order optic flow) and the component parallel to the image plane of the global velocity vector; (c) if this ratio was kept constant in each frame transition of the stimulus sequence (or it was varied), then the stimuli tended to be judged as fixed-axis rotations (or as nonfixed-axis rotations), regardless of whether they simulated a fixed-axis rotation or not; and (d) the tilt of the axis of rotation was perceived in two-view displays with a very small error.

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