Differential Effect of the Intermixed and Blocked Preexposure Schedules on the Strength of Within-Compound Associations

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In Experiment 1, we demonstrated an intermixed-blocked effect where intermixed preexposure to a flavor compound and to an element of that compound (AX, X, AX, X …) reduced generalization between them more than equivalent blocked preexposure (AX, AX … X, X …, or X, X, AX, AX). Then we used sensory preconditioning (Experiment 2) and conditioned flavor preference (Experiment 3) procedures to assess the strength of the X-A within-compound association resulting from those preexposure schedules. In both experiments, we observed that the within-compound association was stronger after blocked than intermixed preexposure. We suggest that these differences in strength produce more mediated generalization in the blocked than intermixed preexposure.

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